Beta Test

On this page, you can subscribe to the Beta Test period for the iOS game Poker Tower. Please fill in the information shown below in the form with informations about yourself. If you are selected to participate in the beta test, you should be contacted the same day if you are selected with instructions on how to participate. (Date is subject to change, if so, it will be posted on the main page of the blog or on Touch Arcade)

For all the selected beta testers, a free copy of the game will be given to you once it’s released on the App Store, and, if everything goes well, some iTunes cards will be given to the best testers (The one who filled most bugs, who gave their opinion about the game, etc.)

Please fill in the information as follow :

1.You Name
2.Your e-mail address
3.Your iDevice and iOS version
4.UDID (Obtainable via iTunes)
5.Do you prefer receiving builds via e-mail or TestFlight?
6.Reasons why you want to beta test Poker Tower
7.Any other good reason you are a great tester (i.e Past Experience, your taste in games, etc.)

Thank you and good luck!


2 responses to “Beta Test”

  1. Tim Lord Gek Jordan says :

    Grrr, that post didn’t bother to keep any of my formatting, hopefully it’s still legible.

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