PokerTower – Now Available on the US App Store!

Well, here we are, February 28th! The day that our dream at 3Arts come true, as this is the release of our first game, PokerTower. You can all get it now on the App Store by following this link ( We, at 3Arts Studio, really hope to see you soon on the leaderboards, and feel free to send us comments or review about the game via the “About” section of the blog!

Have fun playing! 😀

3Arts Studio


Apple Approved!

Hi guys!

I have good news for you : the game has been submitted on february 16th, and today we had the approbation from Apple to release the game to the App Store!! So get ready and prepare your money, PokerTower is coming on February 28th!! You can also go check the new page, “Game”, deeply describing the game in its finest details!

Can’t wait to get impressions from you guys! 😀

Poker Tower Announcement Trailer

Hi Guys!

The official Poker Tower trailer is now officially out for you to watch and enjoy it! Hope you’ll like it! 😀

Feel free to post your impressions in the comments below 😀

Beta Test now Open!

So yeah, the beta registration is now open for you, good followers, to subscribe and maybe win the game once it’s released and an iTunes gift card! To participate, just go to the Beta Test tab on top of the page and fill in the informations! Good Luck everyone!


Hi and first of all, welcome to the brand new blog completly dedicated to the iOS game Poker Tower!

The game is still in development, so stay tuned for more info!!